Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Decoupage Pencil Case or Crochet Hook Case

So I went to Walmart yesterday and got a fabric remnant for 50cents. It is so beautiful; and I sat contemplating what to do with it for a long time. Should it be a lantern, or a broach, or a necklace, or a Christmas ornament? Then I remembered this neat box that came in the mail with a sample of a Kashi granola bar. It is a pyramid that opens up flat. I made a pencil case! I want to add a postscript here. After posting this on my Facebook page, someone suggested that I could use this as a crochet hook case. What a wonderful idea since all my hooks are standing in empty medicine bottles; not very pretty. So my crochet hooks will get a lovely box to lay in thanks to my Facebook friend.
First I started by tracing the box pattern on to a plain sheet of paper to use on another scrap of cardboard if I wanted to later. Then I trimmed some fabric and glued the inside first with Mod Podge letting it dry overnight. This morning I glued the outside on leaving little tabs to fold over to make neat seams. The rubber band held the box shut so it would dry properly folded. Finally I finished the whole thing with a coat of Shimmer Mod Podge just on the outside. When It all dries I will add a self adhesive velcro fastener to the lid. Here are the pictures
The flat Kashi box
The folded Kashi box
The lovely fabric
The inside covered
The outside drying

Monday, November 15, 2010

Crochet Army Bear

So my other nephew loves anything to do with the Army. I crocheted him a cute Army bear using the same 66st in a round. I increased the stitches every row producing the nose and face shape you see. For the back I increased every other row which made it flat.
I added button eyes and embroydered the mouth.
I used the cat ears from my halloween costume for the bear ears.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crocheting for the nieces and nephews (lion and purse)

Today I finished a lion head for my nephew. It started out as a lollipop and graduated to this
I crocheted in the round single crochet until I had 66 stitches. I made 2 rounds.
Then I crocheted a strip 5sc wide and 66 rows long for the edging.
Finally I added the button eyes and yarn mouth and orange fringe.


Next is the flower power purse for my niece. I used the same crochet in the round single crochet until there are 66 stitches.
Again I made 2 rounds
Then I did the same and crocheted a strip 5 sc wide and 66 rows long. This time I added another 66 rows in a different color to form the strap.
For the finish, I roughly drew 6 petals on craft foam and cut them out. I attached those with a slip stitch using a darning needle. The needle punches through the craft foam very easily.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My niece is a crafty girl

So last week my 11yr old niece came for a visit. I showed her the projects I had done. She went ahead and made her own version with no help from me!
Here are her creations
A Sun Catcher (the squares are the screen behind it sorry)

And Her Koi Windsock
A close up of her Dragon Fish Koi

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today hubby and I went to Walmart where I found some awesome scraps in the remnants bin. I got 3/4 yrd of this plastic tablecloth material for only 49 cents.

 I cut it into 4 equal pieces. Then I matched them up wrong sides facing and bound the edges with purple electrical tape (compliments of my electrical engeneer husband) These made 2 nice sized, fun, placemats.

I think I may send them to my niece who has two daughters.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Revamped Old Project Victorian Canister

I covered a cookie tin with Victorian paper 10 years ago. Today I revamped it with a coat of Glitter Mod Podge. Brings out just the right sparkle.

Harvest Jar

Here is a jar full of candy corn for my dad that I decoupaged today. Mod Podge shimmer is on the lid and the tag


Friday, October 29, 2010

Garage Sale Lamp Redone in Decoupage

What a great find for 1.50 at a garage sale!
Looks a little plain I think.
So I went to the craft store and got fat quarters of fabric to cover the panels for 1.29 each
I splurged on the trim 6$ a yard.
Lets see how this turns out.
A work in be continued

Wildlife Christmas Ornaments Decoupage

So I saw these really cute ornaments in a catalog, but of course I could not afford them. Instead I made my own cutting them out and using 3 different Mod Podge glues to make them sparkle. (Sparkle, Shimmer, Glitter)
You can see the back and front on 2 of the ornaments.

Wolf: Using Sparkle Mod Podge

Bear: Using Shimmer Mod Podge

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Japanese Lantern Craft

Yesterday I made this Japanese Lantern using a plastic container that used to be Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanutbutter Cups. I am alergic to peanutbutter so I had hubby wash out the container.
Then I took GooGone and gently rubbed off the label.
I found some nice pictures of Japanese Cherry Blossoms on the internet and printed them out on regular paper. Wait a day to let the ink set so it doesn't run when applying the Mod Podge.
I measured and cut eight 1 inch strips of black construction paper for the sides.

Then I glued down the paper prints taking care not to wipe off the image. Wipe with Mod Podge in 1 or 2 strokes.
I filled in the lid with a square of black construction paper.
It dried over night.
Inside is a batery operated tea light.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crocheted Cat Ears

Today I made cat ears on a headband for Halloween.

Items needed
Corchet hook size N
Worsted weight yarn in black
Head band

Crochet Ears make 2
Begin by Single crocheting 6 SC on the headband. Chain 1 turn
Sc in first ch, Dbl crochet in next ch, Trp crochet in next, Dble crochet in next,SC in last. Chain 1 turn.
Row 2: SC in all spaces. = 5 sc
Row 3: repeat row 1

"Take Time To Read" Bookmark

I made this bookmark with a picture of a watch from a catalog and a recycled privacy envelope

I cut out the time pieces

I put a small dab of glue on the ends and middle just to keep the picture in place.
I used packing tape to laminate both sides.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Koi Windsock made from a waterbottle and a trash bag


Here is a Koi windsock made from an empty waterbottle and a clean kitchen trash bag
Instructions and pictures

Using a sharp pair of kitchen sheers, cut off the top and the bottom

Slide the waterbottle into the trash bag just till the bottle top is inside the top part of the bag. Cut off the remaining bag leaving 1 inch to tuck inside the bottle later.

With another bag cut about 6 to 8 1 inch strips the length of the bag. These will be the fish's tail.

Tape bag around the inside of the top and the bottom. I used packing tape. Cut off any extra lengthwise and tape along the bottom seam.

Tip: I found the side seam of the bag and used that to form the top "fin" Then I taped along the fin on both sides so the string wouldn't tear the bag.

Drawing! I looked up some images of Koi on the internet and roughly copied one. Here are the eyes drawn.

Drawing the scales. I used BIC Mark-It permanent markers to draw and color the scales free hand.

Filling in the drawing. I used a lighter shade of orange to color in the scales

Finishing: Use a hole punch and make one hole at each end of the top fin. String with yarn and hang in the breeze!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sun Catcher - recycled plastic lid

Today I made a suncatcher using a recycled plastic lid.


First I copied the picture I wanted onto regular paper.

Then I took a Sharpie permanent ink pen and traced the picture on the lid.
Next I used colored permanent markers to color in the picture.


I punched a hole in the top and used a paper clip and suction cup to hold it.
Here is my finished sun catcher!
(in this last photo you can see a real humming bird nest in the eves of my patio)
This would be a great rainy day project for older kids.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crocheted Hood



At the request of my sister, I made this hood copied from a picture in a catalog.
[This is my own pattern. Mistakes and gauge not set.]
I used worsted weight yarn in Wheat variegated.
 Hook size I
Darning needle
Chunky Chenille in Black (for edging and ties)

Chain 147
Single Crochet back stitches only. Chain 1, Turn
Rows 2 - 34 continue sc back st 145
Fasten off.
Fold in half
Sew up the back.

With new yarn on hook begin where you fastened off.
Single crochet regular stitches all across bottom. Chain 1, Turn
Continue for 8 more rows
This makes the scarf portion to cover the neck.
Fasten off

Using Black Chenille hook in where you fastened off in the corner.
This time Single Crochet along all outer edges including the hood for a nice trim.
Fasten off

Cut a string of the Chenille about 2 feet in length.
Using the darning needle begin where the hood and the collar meet.
Thread through 6 stitches, skip 6, all the way around to make the neck and ties secure.