Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crocheting for the nieces and nephews (lion and purse)

Today I finished a lion head for my nephew. It started out as a lollipop and graduated to this
I crocheted in the round single crochet until I had 66 stitches. I made 2 rounds.
Then I crocheted a strip 5sc wide and 66 rows long for the edging.
Finally I added the button eyes and yarn mouth and orange fringe.


Next is the flower power purse for my niece. I used the same crochet in the round single crochet until there are 66 stitches.
Again I made 2 rounds
Then I did the same and crocheted a strip 5 sc wide and 66 rows long. This time I added another 66 rows in a different color to form the strap.
For the finish, I roughly drew 6 petals on craft foam and cut them out. I attached those with a slip stitch using a darning needle. The needle punches through the craft foam very easily.

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