Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Coasters

My sister requested some Christmas coasters to set on her desk at her work. I made 2 for her for Fall; one to keep and one to give away. So in keeping with that theme I have made 2 again.

The first one is an ornament done in a simple single crochet in the round using 2 strands of yarn. One is fingering weight silver and the other is baby weight turquoise. With a single crochet bobble at the top.
The second one is a Christmas tree using Red Heart Holiday green with its own silver threads already in it. I looked online and figured my own pattern out.
20 chain single crochet Then 1 decrease each row
Edging is Red Heart Cherry Red.
Single crochet along the edge. Include a bobble stitch along the way.
Bobble stitch is 4 double crochet together.
Merry Christmas everyone!