Monday, February 3, 2014

Ice Cream Sunday Baby Blanket

I made an ice cream Sunday baby blanket for my friend It is my own pattern using a shell stitch and a bobble stitch for the "cherries". It measures 28 inches square.
The lady I made it for is due in 2 weeks I asked her what her favorite colors are. She said brown and red. I didn't think those were baby colors But you know what...I made it! I love it and sent it in the mail with a cute sock monkey for the baby.
I will write more details on the pattern later.

Valentine Heart Coasters crochet

Worked up some more coasters for my sister to keep and give away at her office

1 is a star snowflake pattern in worsted weight yarn

3 are heart coasters in worsted weight yarn. I learned a new stitch doing these. It is the reverse single crochet Here is the link to the pattern

Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Coasters

My sister requested some Christmas coasters to set on her desk at her work. I made 2 for her for Fall; one to keep and one to give away. So in keeping with that theme I have made 2 again.

The first one is an ornament done in a simple single crochet in the round using 2 strands of yarn. One is fingering weight silver and the other is baby weight turquoise. With a single crochet bobble at the top.
The second one is a Christmas tree using Red Heart Holiday green with its own silver threads already in it. I looked online and figured my own pattern out.
20 chain single crochet Then 1 decrease each row
Edging is Red Heart Cherry Red.
Single crochet along the edge. Include a bobble stitch along the way.
Bobble stitch is 4 double crochet together.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Granny Hat

Andrea's Granny Hat
I used a size G hook and Caron super saver white worsted weight yarn
I left out the last 2 rows of increase because I have a smaller head size.
Here is the free pattern

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plum Crochet Beret, Wrist Warmers and Flower

                                  Crochet Granny Flower
                                       Crochet Wrist Warmers
                                        Crochet Beret
                                              Putting it all together
Materials used
3oz sport weight plum yarn
crochet hook size H

Crochet Granny Flower

Crochet Wrist Warmers
My own pattern  I have tiny hands.
Ch 21, join with a slip stitch
Ch 3, 1 Dbl crochet in each stitch, join with a slip stitch
Repeat 5 times
Row 6 continue around with double crochet . Chain 4 instead of double crochet at the last 4 stitches. This will be the hole for the thumb, join with a slip stitch
Row 7 continue with double crochet around Crochet 4 double crochet over the chain 4, join with a slip stitch
You can continue as many rounds as you like.
Last row is the top of the wrist warmer. Crochet a shell stitch (3 double crochet, slip stitch into next stitch, skip 1 , )fasten off at the end. You may have more shells than me since my mit is so small.
Crochet Beret
I used my own pattern
Here is a link to a nice beanie page for all sizes

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crochet Hybiscus Pillow

Finished this Hybiscus pillow for my wonderful stepmom who loves Hawaii
I used worsted weight yarn
For the squares
Green tones Red Heart for the front
Dark Sage Red Heart for the back
For the flower
Cherry red Red Heart
Yellow Red Heart
Pale Yellow Red Heart
Size I crochet hook

I made the flower separate and sewed it on the front later
Here is a link to the flower pattern called Grans Garden Flower. It is not free. I paid 7$ on Ravelry for the original pattern

The squares are solid Granny Squares 16 rows each
Here is a pattern for a solid Granny Square

Using 2 strands of yarn held together I single crocheted around both pieces together on three sides before adding the pillow and then continuing on crocheting up the forth side

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My First Log Cabin Crochet

I tried my first log cabin and failed until I found this video!
Log Cabin Crochet for left handed crochet.

I am using 5 colors. It turned out to be a 7 inch square. I want to make a blanket now! Will be a work in progress...