Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Victorian Christmas Paper House

I made this easy Victorian Christmas paper house for my dr.
I printed it out on plain white cardstock and painted the roof with glitter Mod Podge before cutting it out. I punched a hole in the roof and added the string to hang it from.
She loved it and said that she is going to try to keep it away from her cat.

Here is the pattern

Christmas Ornamnet Cards

I made everyone special card ornaments this year.
I wanted them to be as special as the person I sent them to

To my nieces and nephews

A close-up

Cotton Candy Beanie Hat

Finished a cute beanie hat for my niece.
I used a simple beanie pattern in single crochet and added the pom pom and tassels at her request

Santa Bi-wing Airplane Paper Model

I did it! I made this Santa bi-wing paper model for my dad for his Christmas card. It was much more than I expected. It took a week of cutting and gluing at about an hour a day. I ran down to the wire on time and had to leave off some of the fancy details. He loved it just the way it turned out.
Here is the link to download the pattern. It is 10 pages long. I printed it out on cardstock.
Please note that the download is password protected,. The password is listed below the download. Enter the password to open the Adobe pattern

Here is a picture of Santa's head. It is about the size of a Lego figure head

Next I worked on the body of the plane. I found that I got the perfect cylindrical shape by wrapping the body around a paper towel tube.

Here is my finished biplane front face

Here is my finished biplne sideways

Here is my finished biplane packed and ready to fly to my dad's house
Hr loved it!
Show me yours when you make it

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Japanese House Paper Model

I love making paper models. I came across this Japanese House and had to make it. 14 pages on cardstock with 2 pages extra for instructions. Here is the link.
Download the pattern on a PDF file

Finished Doll House

I have a Japanese Iwako eraser collection of cute critters. They love their kawai (cute) new home! They even have a laptop computer and a Zen waterfall for relaxation...This is the life!

House moved to it's permanent location on top of my desk The eraser friends even parked their car on the side

Monday, March 19, 2012

Quilling or Filigree

Here is my first attempt at quilling. I made 3 cards. I used scrapbook paper for the card stock and origami paper for the side decoration and 1/8 inch quilling paper for the flowers
Here is the example I followed
Here is mine not exactly as the pattern but my own none the less

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crochet 5 inch Granny Squares for Doggy Blanket Charity

Crochet 5 inch Granny Squares for doggy blanket charity. Here is the link
I am sending out 4 tomorrow in soft green and dark red
Here is a tutorial for the basic Granny Square

Here is where to send the squares
Send to:
Granny Squares to the Rescue
C/O Posh Pooch Designs
21701 Swale Ave.
Parker, Colorado 80138

Deadline is August 1, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crochet Rainbow Scarf

I made my own version of a crocheted rainbow scarf.  The clouds are shell stitches in 5s and then in 9s

Crochet Fortune Cookie Cat Toy

Today I crocheted a fortune cookie cat toy as seen on the Lion Brand yarn site here
I even had a real fortune left over from a cookie! Of course I will take it out when I give it to the cat