Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa Bi-wing Airplane Paper Model

I did it! I made this Santa bi-wing paper model for my dad for his Christmas card. It was much more than I expected. It took a week of cutting and gluing at about an hour a day. I ran down to the wire on time and had to leave off some of the fancy details. He loved it just the way it turned out.
Here is the link to download the pattern. It is 10 pages long. I printed it out on cardstock.
Please note that the download is password protected,. The password is listed below the download. Enter the password to open the Adobe pattern

Here is a picture of Santa's head. It is about the size of a Lego figure head

Next I worked on the body of the plane. I found that I got the perfect cylindrical shape by wrapping the body around a paper towel tube.

Here is my finished biplane front face

Here is my finished biplne sideways

Here is my finished biplane packed and ready to fly to my dad's house
Hr loved it!
Show me yours when you make it

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