Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garage Sale Lamp Redone Part 2

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Products I used
Cotton material fat quarters 1.50  a piece
Mod Podge for material (has a blue label) 8.00 a jar
Note: The material Mod Podge is very sticky and thick compared to the regular Mod Podge. I had to spread it out like butter. Cover your work surface with aluminum foil will prevent sticking.
Satin ribbon with beads 2.50 yrd

Making the lamp:
I covered the work area with aluminum foil.
Then I cute a template out of paper by pressing the paper into one of the sides of the lamp to make creases. I cut along the creases to make my elliptical template.
Next I laid out the fat quarter of material. I folded the material in half to get 2 cuts out of one tracing. After I had 6 shapes cut out; I spread the Mod Podge in a thin layer down panel. The fabric stuck pretty tight, but I was able to lift it off to make some minor adjustments.
I let the panels dry 2 days before adding the ribbon strips.
Today I added more glue to the seams to put the ribbon on.
I love how it turned out!

Now I will show the finished product.

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