Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crochet Coat Hanger

At the request of my sister; I am making crocheted coat hangers for her birthday.

This is my own pattern adjusted for the round bump in the middle of the wooden hanger.

2 Strands worsted weight #3 yarn held together
Size J hook (or any size to give a gauge of 8st folded over the hanger.)

Chain 9
Turn sc 8, ch 1, turn
Row 3 - 21 In back stitches sc 8, turn (21 rows)
Row 22 increase 1 sc at each end = 10 sc
Row 23 - 33 :  10 sc working back stitches
Row 34 decrease 1 sc at each end  = 8 st
Row 35 - 44 continue working back stitches 8 sc each row
Fasten off

Finishing :
Poke the hook of the coat hanger in the middle and lay the crocheted piece down the hanger.
With a yarn needle, seam up the bottom of the hanger.

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